Testing Something

Why? But, why not?

Since Vivaldi give you some kind of free space [here], and Vivaldi is awesome in all ways.
Why not use it for testing any garbage thought, or documenting your most [terrible] experiences?

something about rsync

rsync -a –exclude ‘I-hate-text-files.txt’ –exclude ‘hating_on_dir/*’ –exclude ‘hate_this_dir_also’ origin/ destination/

rsync -a –exclude={‘I-hate-text-files.txt’,’hating_on_dir/*’,’hate_this_dir_also’} origin/ destination/

rsync -a –exclude-from=’exclude-file.txt’ origin/ destination/


contents of “exclude-file.txt”

Just want to test something for an email client app I use. It doesn’t allow copy/ paste of a Gmail rich formatted signature, but it does allow raw HTML. So, being lazy as all Hell, let’s let the WordPress Block editor write the HTML for me. Haha. Yeah. I want mad cap crazy html comment markup stuff. No. But I will format it for me.


Voice/ Text:  +1 (814) 867-5309

I don’t have a WYSIWYG HTML Editor anymore!


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