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List of Solutions which might have eluding finding on page one of search results when problems have been encountered. Mostly offsite links for quick reference so I don’t have to worry about web browser bookmark maintenance for the important things.

Regular Expressions

The following regular expression will find fonts which are NOT sans-serif. Ideally, it will find lines in the CSS which are declarations featuring multiple fonts. E.g. “source serif”, “times new roman”, times, serif;

(font\-family)( ?:)(.*([^-]serif))+

SVG Logos / Popular Brands

Vector Logo Zone

Text Editors

Not Visual Studio Code / VS Code

Syn Write / Syn2 / Akel Pad?

Not sure. But this is interesting if you use Syn2 with FreeCommander.

WordPress Specific

Hidden URL’s

Navigation Menu (FSE Themes)

Enter the following url:

You will use the following URL, but you must first identify the correct POSTID to use in that URL (where xxXxx placeholder is shown).

Check your database for your existing navigation menu/ POSTID. If we run the SQL as described in my post about finding FSE (Full Site Editing) Templates, we can verify that our custom navigation exists in the database.

Note that the URL request (shown above) includes the parameter, “postType=wp_navigation“. Modify the SQL from the FSE example page, so the where statement looks for “wp_navigation” in the post_type field of the wp_posts table:

SELECT ID, post_type,post_name,post_content FROM wp_posts 
WHERE post_type = "wp_navigation"
ORDER BY post_name ASC;

Be sure the SQL matches your db table names. E.g. if you change your table prefixes (see wp-config.php), be sure wp_posts reflects your actual table name.

Navigation Menu

  • Responsive WordPress Navigation Menu with Bootstrap.
    • Use Bootstrap CSS to apply a responsive primary navigation menu to the Underscores theme.
    • Tutorial focused specifically on the famous Bootstrap responsive navigation menu classes: collapse navbar-collapse navbar-nav and the WordPress wp_nav_menu function.


Discussion about WordPress theme template file names, with solutions. An old thread at from 2011. Learn about how to determine what theme template or template-part is rendering the output page view html.