Semantic Markup and HTML


W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
DCMI’s activities include:
work on architecture and modelling
discussions and collaborative work in DCMI Communities and DCMI Task Groups
global conferences, meetings and workshops
educational efforts to promote widespread acceptance of metadata standards and best practices.

EditorConfig : maintain consistent coding styles for multiple developers working on the same project across various editors and IDEs. A file format for defining coding styles and a collection of text editor plugins to adhere to defined styles. Easily readable and works with version control systems.

Elements of HTML published by the Web Hypertext Application Working Group.

A recent history of HTML, Mozilla, the W3C, or the satire in Jack Genes. It’s commentary about an old argument which doesn’t matter anymore. Have yourself a laugh over people arguing about stuff that ultimately added up to wasted time. Understand why your project is next.
Open Graph Protocol (OGP)
Learn about official OGP syntax. You might know this as the so-called “Facebook tags” or “Twitter tags”, Twitter SEO tags, or some similar nonsense.
PHP Coding Standards – the PHP-FIG
The PHP Framework Interoperability Group (The PHP FIG) aims to advance the PHP ecosystem and promote good standards by bringing together projects and people to collaborate. It develops and publicises standards, informed by real-world experience as well as research and experimentation by itself and others, to form PHP Standard Recommendations (PSRs), PHP Evolving Recommendations (PERs), and Auxiliary Resources (ARs).
RDF / Turtle
Turtle / TTL / RDF syntax viewer / on-line editor
ItemScope / ItemType
Understanding HTML Microdata attributes ItemScope and ItemType and how they might be used properly to enhance website SEO results.

SEMRush and SEO stuff

SEO Service pricing

That’s fifteen-hundred-dollars per year! Do you need the service? Do you know if you need it? Why don’t you know more about it?

Is it just a made-up science, to give you something to do, and have a team of people who can rip you off more easily? You’d better find out!

Can you prove your Return on Investment? How are you going to track that? Are you anxious about it yet?

You be the judge, Johnny!

What is SERP?
This is an interesting Blog article from SEMRush about the various Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Hi-ho, hi-ho. So much to SEO! Are you not at all annoyed that you are expected to regard this stuff as extremely important?